Credit and debit cards are widespread and online casinos have accepted them from the very beginning, but virtual debit cards are a new addition to the ecosystem.

    Entropay has been around for quite a while and it makes use of the Visa network, which explains why so many online gambling operators accepted for deposits and withdrawals.

    What is EntroPay? EntroPay is located and regulated in the United Kingdom, but has a subsidiary in Malta, with their products being covered by the Visa network. Virtually anywhere VISA cards are accepted, this payment solution is also allowed and this includes online casinos.

    The difference consists in the fact that unlike standard credit cards, in this case you need to fund your account before making a payment and several sources can be used. A total of 14 different currencies are accepted, which makes this payment solution extremely popular for those who routinely use a different currency.

    EntroPay members can use another credit card or fund it by transferring money from a standard bank account. It is not possible to use more money than the amount deposited or transferred in this way, therefore the risk of incurring debt is nonexistent. This is an excellent solution for those who play online casino games and want to make sure that they have a stop-loss mechanism in play.

    There is also the possibility of having a plastic debit card, so those who wouldn’t settle for a virtual variant can pay a small amount and have the conventional card sent to their address. Paying with EntroPay in an online casino The EntroPay Virtual Visa is nowadays accepted in most online casinos and those who have used the conventional version will have no problem using the virtual card. Players are instructed to enter the credit card number and the name as inscribed on the front, as well as the three digit CVC security codes.

    These elements are essential for confirming the transaction and only after they were entered correctly, the payment can be made. If the prepaid debit card doesn’t have enough money readily available, the transaction will be denied and the user will be asked to upload cash.

    Withdrawing with EntroPay in an online casino It is possible to use the virtual debit card to withdraw funds, as long as it was also used for a deposit, although some information will need to be introduced again. The three digit security code is required for all transactions and sometimes the users are also asked for proof of identity or address.

    Since the EntroPay payment solution is a part of the Visa network, users will also have to wait between three and seven banking days to have the money credited to their account. Online casinos can choose to waiver any commissions paid by those who have attained VIP status.


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