Almost 2 decades ago, electronic wallets were regarded as the future of online payments and we can safely say now that they are the present. Paypal is by far the most popular payment method for those who need a way of transferring funds quickly from one user to the other.

    They charge small fees and render distance is irrelevant, with the funds being transferred in a matter of seconds. Add to this the fact that most online shops allow PayPal purchases and you’ve got good reasons to open an account.

    What is PayPal? This online payment system has been around for 16 years and even though it was acquired by eBay in 2002, it kept growing at the same pace. They now have customers from almost 200 countries and more than 140 million users, with a total of 26 currencies covered.

    It is only safe to say that PayPal is a buyer’s e-wallet because all the commissions charged are aimed at the seller. This explains why so many people choose this payment method when purchasing goods and services over the Internet.

    Another advantage of using PayPal and shopping online is that only a fraction of the information is displayed when undertaking any transactions. The ones you are shopping from will only see basic information about your account, which is the result of the transactions being the consequence of payments not being done straight from the bank account.

    Most online casinos have a solid reputation, but careful users will always appreciate another layer of security. Paying with PayPal in an online casino To make a deposit at an online casino using PayPal is just as easy as purchasing something online, with the transaction being done in a few seconds.

    The electronic wallets require players to specify the amount they are willing to transfer and they are clearly displayed in the account section.

    They need to login to their PayPal account using the email address and password whenever they make a deposit, in order to mitigate the risks of fraud. Assuming the prospective shopper or online casino player doesn’t have money in the PayPal account, he can use the credit or debit card associated to it.

    At a first glance, this might seem like it defeats the purpose of using a credit card directly, but the reason for why many gamblers prefer this option is that it allows them to limit the amount of personal information exchanged with the operator. Withdrawing with PayPal in an online casino.

    The PayPal account can be used not only to deposit but also to withdraw funds from the online casino, as long as an eligible deposit has been made.

    When you cash out funds to your PayPal account, you can expect them to reach their destination in a matter of seconds. The only commissions charged are minimal and it depends on the online gambling operator how much the players are supposed to pay when withdrawing funds.


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