Mastercard has emerged as one of the most popular credit cards, with the only true competitor being Visa. There are hundreds of millions of people using their products and more than 200 countries where the services are available, with 25 million companies involved.

    It is virtually impossible to travel abroad and be unable to use the Mastercard, yet it is every bit as reliable when shopping over the Internet or playing online casino games. What is MasterCard? Users can rely on the MasterCard to withdraw funds from ATMs or shop in brick-and-mortar venues, but the online expansion is just as impressive. Most merchants now allow these credit cards and it is even possible to purchase products without having money on the credit card. The loan can be paid in the next 30 days, although some providers allow their members to refund the amount used over a longer period of time.

    Online casinos encourage the use of MasterCard when depositing money, because they are using the latest technologies and mitigate the risks of fraud. There are many electronic wallets who allow their members to apply for a plastic MasterCard and by doing so they have access to their funds right away.

    There is a fee that they need to pay when applying for a credit card and administration commissions. Paying with MasterCard in an online casino When making the first deposit at the online casino using a MasterCard, players will be asked to enter the 16 digit number on the front as well as the name and surname.

    Before the transaction can be completed, they will also be required to introduce the three digit verification code which is commonly referred to as CVC. This will be required every time the users make a deposit, whereas the rest of the formation can be saved in the personal section of the online account.

    The deposits are instant and most online casinos don’t charge any fee, but there are some that will have the amount charged by 2%. Deposits that exceed a predefined value are usually free of any commission, with VIP players also enjoying better terms than regular users.

    The minimum deposit that can be made using a MasterCard varies from one casino to the other. Withdrawing with MasterCard in an online casino Not all online casinos allow players to use the MasterCard to withdraw cash and the number of operators who do is decreasing.

    Those who allow these transactions will take between one and five banking days to complete the payment. Even those who do, will demand players to make an eligible deposit before trying to withdraw funds to their MasterCard.

    A fee applies to all withdrawals, but just as it is with deposits, the amount is relatively low and are frequently waived by the online casino. The time between the moment when a withdrawal is requested and the moment the funds reach the bank account varies depending on the online casino.


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