Credit cards have been the preferred payment methods for those who gamble online and VISA has millions of customers worldwide. They are the preferred credit and debit card all over the world, so it comes as no surprise that most transactions are made using their product.

    Virtually all casinos operating over the Internet allow members to deposit and withdraw funds using this credit card, which makes Visa an excellent choice regardless of where you play. 

    Those who choose Visa as a credit card, will have it linked to their bank account, so there will always be an indissoluble link between the funds in the bank and those available on the card. They are accepted both over the Internet and in traditional shops, with millions of POS all over the world.

    It is virtually impossible to travel anywhere and be denied Visa service, which makes this credit card immensely popular among those who don’t spend too much time in one place. Nowadays, it is possible to personalize your VISA credit card by having your chosen image printed on it, or even your face.

    Online casinos allow members to deposit using credit and debit cards, with the deposit being instant, while withdrawals take a few days. The credit card company charges a small amount, but the costs can be increased depending on the bank that the owner is working with.

    Paying with VISA in an online casino New and existing members of online casinos are invited to choose their preferred deposit method, with credit cards being among the recommended ones.

    Visa is one of the options in most casinos and members will have to enter the credit card number, the name inscribed on the front of the card as well as the CVC number on the back. This is a standard number made of three digits and most online casinos will require the player to enter it every single time he or she makes a deposit. Depending on your casino of choice, the deposits made by Visa can be subject to a standard fee that ranges between 2% and 3%.

    VIP players and those who deposit huge amounts, might benefit from better terms as the commissions are capped if the amount invested exceeds a certain threshold. There are also certain limitations in terms of how much or little money can be deposited, with the amounts ranging from €10 and €5000.

    Withdrawing with VISA in an online casino The same visa card used to make a deposit can be relied upon when cashing out, with players being once again required to enter the CVC security number. In most cases, players can’t use the credit card to withdraw funds if they opted for a different payment method, with the customer support providing additional help.

    Withdrawing funds can also be subject to a small commissions, although some online gambling operators allow players to cash out for free once per month. It usually takes between three and seven banking days for the funds to be transferred to the user’s bank account.


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